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Living Our Dream – On The Water or On The Beach

 Paul (myself) and Jackie (AKA ‘Anchor Girl’) are a husband and wife team who have been enjoying extended cruising aboard our past four boats for over 15 years. Currently, we are on ‘Boogaboo IV’, a 40′ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge, having lots of fun with that beauty since purchasing and driving it nearly 700 miles – through two countries – to it’s new home, back in 2010.

 Living for the weekends and summer holiday voyages on the boat were the times we looked forward to above everything else. Times were good.

Life Throws a Curve

Everything changed in late 2012, as life threw us an unexpected turn when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As you could imagine, learning about the worst case scenarios of what MS could bring, coupled with a nasty stretch of very unpleasant and downright scary symptoms at the outset of the disease, had a profound impact on both of us.

  After a difficult period of coming to terms with this new reality and doing some serious soul searching, we decided to not simply roll over and give in to the disease, but rather fight it and take back our lives. Coming through this trying time led to a profound new meaning to what I had professed many times over the years; life is short so enjoy it now, you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. That, and all the other sayings that are supposed to make one consider how precious the good days are.

Today, after forging through to what I refer to as ‘The Other Side’ of the initial dark days of MS, things are much better. A hard reality learned and a completely new outlook on life resulted in a commitment to downsize and move full time aboard our beloved Boogaboo. After years of just talking about some vague, elusive date when that they might be able to actually move full time to a boat, the reality was finally coming true. As much as MS had brought us down, this new adventure outweighed it by many, many times!

New Adventures

Now we would be able to pursue new experiences. Not wanting to merely pass time on the boat, we continue to look forward to discovering what’s around the next corner and venturing to new and wonderful places.

  With ‘Boogaboo IV’ being based in the Great Lakes region, winter boating is not an option. So, what does a fun seeking pair do when the boat gets tucked away in the fall? Head south, of course :-)

Florida had been another place that could only be enjoyed for a few short days each winter. Now, with the lines of our old, everyday life cast off, living the beach life through the winter is one more part of the new reality.

To help make all this financially viable, I continue to expand on his writing and video production pursuits. After working my whole adult life with my hands, I looks forward to enriching my creative outlets. You can read about the work that I have authored on the Services Page. Jackie brings a woman’s touch to our team by designing all of the items in the Boogabooster Store, as well as helping to curate our social media sites.

Sharing Inspirations

I’m very proud to have recently produced my first, feature length travel video – the first in an ongoing series. I’ve always been compelled to share the beauty of the areas we visit and this is a very inspiring outlet for me. Our local boating, as well as Florida adventures will surely continue to inspire others to get out, explore and discover their own adventures!

We invite you to follow our journey as we follow the sun, live life for ourselves and keep on Livin’ The Dream :-)

Mooring Balls in Georgian Bay’s Massasauga Provincial Park

I was recently asked by a viewer of my YouTube videos as to how one pays for the use of a mooring ball in the Massasauga Provincial Park. Located along the eastern shore of Georgian Bay’s Thirty Thousand Islands, this provincial parks has many coveted ‘Designated Anchoring Bays’, as well as 135 camp sites.

Designated Anchoring Bay on Georgian Bay

Designated Anchoring Bay on Georgian Bay

Mooring Balls

The following video shows our run into the Park and our mooring ball location for the night. Unfortunately, this spot in Port Rawson Bay is the only area of the park that offers mooring balls. There are only four located there. Port Rawson Bay is at the easternmost part of the park.

When tied up to a mooring ball in this area (the Massasauga Provincial Park), payment is made to the Ontario Provincial Park’s guys who come by in a small boat to collect the fees, as well as take away your garbage for you.

Overnight Fee

Sometimes, such as in this instance, nobody showed up when we were there, so we didn’t have to pay. Not that that’s an issue, because it’s very reasonable, but sometimes they don’t have enough time in the day to drop by every boat at every location. They will also collect a $10/night fee if your boat is tied to shore anywhere in the park. And that goes for all the boats who may be tied to shore together.

Ontario Parks Rangers

Ontario Parks Rangers collect mooring fees

What that means is that we have been there with four boats tied together (us and three friends) with a line running back to shore for stability. When the Park’s guys came by, we all had to pay the $10/night (4 boats x $10 = $40 in total). Again, we are good with that, because they will take the garbage away and best of all, tell you where the nicest anchorages are :-)

Have a look at this video I did from a trip there back in 2009. This was in one of the anchoring bays, called ‘Gilman Bay’. You can see what I mean about the boats all tied together and then tied to shore;

Round Two; Blogging Again

After a start and stop relationship with my Blogger account, I felt it was time to move forward with my writing. Not only am I compelled to return to writing, but I also wanted to update the process. That is where WordPress came in.

Not only does WordPress promise greater flexibility, but I am also looking forward to the mobile app. As I find myself interacting with my followers more and more via my iPhone, I wanted a platform that would follow suite. In fact, this line is the first one written on my phone. Not only that, but it was composed while enjoying this very pretty scene; 

 So far, so good! Now, all I need to do is figure out how to reply to the comments on my YouTube Channel 😕

  I am looking forward to writing again more often and this platform feels like a good fit. And it’s good to be able to share my thoughts and insights more than 140 characters at a time 👍🏼

 Cheers, Paul.