Flybridge Boats vs Express Boats

No, we’re not going up, up and away in a beautiful balloon. Better yet, we are going to see the world from an ever better vantage point – up on the flybridge of a boat!

For the first part of our boating lives, we always had express style cruisers. These vessels were styled with sleek and low to the waterline profiles and built to go fast when under way. The looks were good and the performance was adequate, but those sleek lines meant compromising living  space.

sea ray sundancer

Sea Ray express cruiser ‘Boogaboo III’ on the water

Moving Up

When we were looking to move up to what would be our current boat, more living space was the top priority on the list. To be honest, my mind was pretty much made up on the style of boat I felt would be best, that of a sedan bridge. The benefit of the sedan style is that one gets expanded living space, with direct cabin access from the cockpit, as well as a flybridge helm.

When we originally took what would become ‘Boogaboo IV’ for it’s sea trial on Lake St. Clair, it would be the very first time that I had piloted a bridge boat. It was a whole new world! After getting used to the fact that the pitch and roll of the boat was a little more evident up top, I found the commanding view amazing.

After having the boat for that first year (only a half season, as we took possession of it in late July), I had come to the conclusion that driving from way up on high was the best way to fly :-) I mean, seriously, when compared to a cramped helm of our older express boats, the ability to see all around literally gave us a whole new perspective. And a much higher one, too!

sea ray sedan bridge

Sea ray 400 Sedan Bridge ‘Boogaboo IV’ flybridge model

Old is New Again

I’ll never forget when we were driving it home from our nearly 700 mile long journey from Michigan to Ontario. We had left Georgian Bay and were once again back on the familiar waters of the Trent Severn Waterway – for the first time with this Sea Ray 400 Sedan Bridge. Heading eastward on the Severn River, Anchor Girl was all of the sudden noticing buildings along the shoreline that, at this point, were brand new to her. At one spot, she actually asked me about a couple of the cottages along the shoreline when I told her they had been there every other time we had previously ventured this way. Apparently, being situated down low in our prior express cruiser, she had never noticed them on the old boat. That was too funny!

If you ever get tired of the confined helm view found in many express style boats, then the cure just might be moving to a Sedan Bridge. Climb up to the flybridge to survey all that lies around you. You’ll feel like you have truly made it to the top :-)

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