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Feature Length Travel + Cruising DVD Now Available

It is with great pride that I am happy to announce the release of my first, Feature Length Travel video; ‘Cruising The Trent Severn Waterway’! After many months of capturing, editing and producing this project, I am delighted to have the finished product in hand and have begun marketing it to an enthusiastic audience.

Have a look at my ‘Teaser’ clip to see what it’s all about;

Initially, I made the video available for purchase as a digital download and  received overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who purchased their copies. The process of getting it mass produced in the DVD & Blu-ray formats proved to be a bit of a hurdle that I had to overcome.

Learning Curve

Although I have been editing and sharing videos online via both my YouTube Channel  as well as on my Facebook Pages (Facebook.com/BoatsBeachesAndBars and Facebook.com/TheWaterway.ca ), getting something manufactured on an industrial scale was a new game for me. While moving through that process, I learned more than I thought I would have to. My previous experiences with editing, both video and stills, as well as layouts and more came in handy.  The issues I had was, that when dealing with a mass producer, there were new techniques and terminologies to learn.

The biggest difficulty was understanding what the manufacturer needed for certain file types for the artwork. Although I had submitted what I thought was the file types they were requesting, it seems that there are more than one type for the same file extensions! So here is me, on the phone with their reps and searching the Interweb for applications that could convert my (seemingly) perfectly good artwork into something compatible with their system.

Dealing with a firm that does this type of thing over and over, with many years under their belts, I found myself having to remind them that this was a new thing for me. As you could imagine, this proved to be an increasingly frustrating part of the project. I’m glad that we were able to plow through while keeping the hand holding to a minimum ;-)

A Kid at Christmas

The result was a tangible product that I was happy to hold in my hand for the first time! Like a kid at Christmastime, I tore into one of the boxes as soon as I picked up the first run at the manufacturers. Only this time, it wasn’t a surprise from Santa, but rather a unique creation that came from my heart. Yes, I am very proud of my efforts and have been humbled by the responses I have received from my viewers.

Crusing DVD cover

My Cruising The Trent Severn Waterway’ DVD/Blu-ray cover

Currently, I have both the DVD/Blu-ray combo packs, as well as the Digital Download version available through my online store.

I have to add that setting up the online store for the first time was another daunting task. Even though I used a pre-built template offered by an established service provider, some of the intricacies proved to be somewhat frustrating while moving through that process.

I find it amazing that the simplest bits of information are sometimes completely left out of the setup instructions. Again, I put that down to the fact that the developers are already familiar with what has to happen in a given situation (country of origin for orders, for example), and assume that the end user is intuitively ‘hip’ with the process. Of course, now that everything is in place, the subsequent projects should move much more smoothly and be a LOT quicker ;-)

More to Come

Fort Lauderdale Florida Beach

Inspiring times in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This project marks a milestone in our lives, and I look forward to producing even more travel videos as we move forward. This past winter, we spent a glorious month in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I was able to capture a lot of video from that adventure. Over the coming weeks, I am going to begin editing that production together and hope to have it available by Christmas time this year.

So stay tuned!