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What’s In A Name?

For anyone who has been following our adventures via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will have noticed two major developments. I wanted to share these with you, as well as give the background as to why this has happened.

Cabin Fever

Firstly, we have dramatically moved forward with our Life Changes and adventures! Having spent two glorious months in Florida this past winter we had an absolute blast! After suffering through the previous ‘winter from hell’, stuck at home in our northern based home, I developed a severe case of cabin fever and was determined not to go through that again. Our new reality will heretofore include both living aboard our boat ‘Boogaboo’ full time from April to October and then spending as much time in the land of the palms as possible during the off season.

fort lauderdale beach

Walking on Fort Lauderdale Beach in January

A Better Name

Sharing our travels and excitement and being able to connect with so many like minded folks online has been – and continues to be – an wonderful thing. With that in mind, I felt it was time to better define what we are about and, as such have been migrating from my ‘Boogabooster’ moniker to something that is many times more recognizable with the online world. This was the inspiration for the new ‘branding’ under the name of  ‘Boats, Beaches and Bars’. Who amongst us couldn’t find an affinity with at least one of those three things ;-)

With our first love being our boat and our boating lifestyle, the new usernames would have to reflect that. So, ‘Boats’ was an easy one. Even if someone doesn’t have a boat of their own, there are many who simply like to look at them and learn about them. Heck, many times I’ve received comments from people who tell me they are living their boating dream vicariously through our journeys!

Spring launch & the start of another season of living aboard ‘Boogaboo’

Next, as we look forward to and enjoy our winter travels south so much, the term ‘Beaches’ not only provides an instant, connectable connotation for new visitors to my social media feeds, but it’s also something that inspires and motivates me to keep pushing forward with our Life Changes :-) Like the saying goes; ‘Life’s a Beach’ and we love ours :-)

Finally, the term ‘Bars’ was something that I initially had reservations about using. Sounded kinda on the skids, if you know what I mean?? But after seeing how much our Facebook followers seemed to like – and ‘Like – our pics and stories from Florida and especially Key West, it became a no brainier. Besides, ‘Boats Beaches and Bars’ has a nice ring too it.

Duval Street in Key West

Cheers to a great day on Duval Street in Key West.

The final step was to do the same name change on my Google properties. That included my Google+ profile and YouTube Channel. Some of my YouTube followers asked why the change, but when I pointed out that my Channel address stayed the same (YouTube.com/user/Boogabooster), I think they were okay with the new name.

So, after roughly a month since changing those site names over, I’ve seen an impressive increase of new followers on each one. I hope that everyone likes it and I’m able to expand my audience with this change. So far, so good :-)