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Boating Equipment; Portable Gas Barbeque

When the summer boating season winds down, we all still need our boating fix. One of my favorite ‘off season‘ ways to get that is to look for new items to make next summer’s experience that much better.

Looking forward to next season’s great boating times

Summer Boating Passion

When haul out time arrives, there’s no quicker way to re-ignite visions of fun on the water than perusing those items that you didn’t have time to get over the summer. Remember all those times when you told yourself ‘Next year, I’m going to have to get a new . . . ‘? Well, now’s the time to do some shopping :-)

I was recently commissioned by eBay to put together a number of boating themed eBay ‘Collections’, a new feature that I’ve shared on my profile page. With 24 Collections in total, there is a lot to see and I’m sure there’s something there for everyone. From boats of all styles, sizes and vintages to equipment, collectables and more, it’s amazing what I have come across when building this feature. The fun was in coming up with my own short introductions for each listing – these things wrote themselves!

Grillen’ and Chillen’

One of my favorite collections that I put together was, believe it or not, for BBQ grilles. That was the feature in my Collection titled ‘Grillen’ & Chillen’.

 So, where does my inspiration for something as innocuous as the simple act of cooking come from, you ask? Read on. . .
BBQ on the boat -a summertime tradition.

BBQ on the boat – a summertime tradition.

Summer and boating go hand in hand. And what’s one of our favorite things to do at the end of a great day on the water? Eat! But before diving in, we get to prepare that tasty meal on the BBQ. No longer is one merely performing the simple task of ‘cooking’, but rather, entering into to a tradition that invariably becomes a social event; talking to family or friends while flipping burgers or showing off your prowess on that perfectly grilled steak.

Portable Solution

Take a look at my video for our Magma Grill that we currently use aboard ‘Boogaboo IV’. It quickly converts from a mounted unit to a portable BBQ that easily removes from the boat. Best part is that no tools are needed to make the switch!

No Hurry

Yup, a meal prepared outdoors becomes something more, made even better on the water. And not just for dinner time. Consider breakfast on the back of the boat; no rushing through a quick bite and running out the door. No, no, no – we are on the boat now and not going to hurry through this, but instead, savor the morning.

Mmmmm, I can smell the bacon and eggs gently frying, sipping from mug while gazing across another idyllic setting on the lake. No sir, we are not going to rush this one bit.