Photos To Get Inspired

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    Sunrise. . .

    Spending both days and nights aboard 'Boogaboo', we get to wake up to mornings on the water. Now I'm the first to admit that I'm not a real 'morning person', but those times that we do roll out of bed early enough, a greeting by the rising sun sure is magical.

  • . . . In Between . . .

    Feet up at the back of the boat, enjoying the scenery. No matter were we are, life seems to slow right down while watching the world go by from the back of the boat. Just stepping off the dock and feeling the boat gently pitching makes the worries melt away. Worries on the boat? With views like this, it don't happen :-)

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    . . . Sunset

    As the days wind down, we head in to the best part - to witness another glorious sunset.

    Spots like this give us a lifetime of memories and make us wanting to move forward, travel farther and see what's around that next bend. Awesome!

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