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Writing, Reviewing and Promoting Boats - From Our Boat!

by: Paul Dahlke

As a passionate boater since childhood, I love nothing more than to inspire others to enjoy the lifestyle - and writing gives me that opportunity.

Currently, I provide articles for eBay and the eBay Motors Blog. I am the resident 'boating expert' on eBay Motors Blog and an expert author, with regular contributions to my reviews and guides, as well as a recently published, 24 part 'Collections' series.

I am also the newest contributor to the Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine, which publishes print and online magazines aimed at the boating community.

My long running Blog expands on our adventures, and is a great stage for many of the glorious photos we capture. I also like to share news from the boating world.

I also curate two Facebook Pages, with daily updates that engages hundreds of fun loving boaters who follow along with our journeys and join the discussions we have about the boating world.

I am actively seeking to expand my writing opportunities, video production/consulting, web/social media consulting, or . . . ? If you have a marine product you would like reviewed, or are after exposure for your service, I would be happy to help. Keep in mind that we enjoy a loyal following in a strong niche market. Let's see how your publication, product or service can benefit from our expertise and exposure.

Feel free to get in touch with me through the Contact page. I look forward to contributing my insights, experience and passion to your projects. And a little bit of dry humor thrown in now and then, just for fun ;-)