Very Moving Pictures

One of my most enjoyable aspects of our travels is capturing highlights on video and sharing them. What started as a simple way to share weekend high jinx with our local boating friends has expanded considerably, but no less fun! Over the years, my little hobby has grown to a collection of hundreds of online videos, ranging from a quick look around at one of our many destinations to long running voyages. As of late, I have also expanded the format to include regular updates on our status with the move to the boat and all the other changes we are making in our lives.

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Compilations, Commercials & More

Here is just a little taste of our travels and experiences, taken from the 600+ videos on my channel.

2012: Another Fun Year

At the end of each boating season, I like to put together a light hearted look back at the year. Not only does it reflect the good times, but also offers a glimpse of some of the wonderful spots we visit and love so much. Here's a look at the shenanigans from 2012;


Stolen Florida Vacation!

Watch this humorous account of how my dreams of heading to Florida and the Miami Boat Show for my 50th birthday were stolen from under me. And I knew the assailant!!


eBay Commercial - Inspirations

I was contracted by eBay to produce this video to help launch their new 'Collections' feature. Being part of the eBay family, I also provided a 24-part series of my own 'Collections' - all boating related, of course ;-) A fun project for me, as inspiration is what I'm all about!


Haulout: Always a Sad Time

Why does it always seem that the good times end so quickly? The end of the 2013 boating season was especially poignant for us, as 'Boogaboo' became a refuge for us from all the difficult things we had experienced tat year. I was compelled to try and share the emotions we were feeling, with clips of the boat coming out of the water being juxtaposed against some of the highlights of the previous season. Moreover, the soundtrack song had become a very emotional piece of music as the year was winding down. Have a watch. I hope I was able to express the feelings appropriately.


As my catalogue of YouTube videos has grown into the many hundreds, so does an element of recognition. More an and more, we are spotted by our fans while on our travels because of the wide audience who watch my multitude of videos. It's always been my goal to be able to provide insights and inspirations through my efforts and these folks like to stop us to say hi and say thanks for sharing the fun. That's cool :-)

As my view count has topped one million views, we are sure to discover new friends as we travel the waterways. Check out our YouTube Channel to what all the fuss is about!